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Provided Services & Responsibilities

  • Market for and retain qualified tenants for property owners; provide prospective tenant credit files, research criminal history, confirm employment and verify incomes, interview previous landlord when appropriate.
  • Maintain security deposits in trust as per NC Law, collect and distribute rents, provide detailed monthly finance and expense reports.
  • Perform routine interior and exterior inspections; address all maintenance and repair issues, comply with all applicable Home Owner Association rules and regulations, provide emergency services.
  • Register home with new Raleigh City ordinance; confirm compliance with Carbon Monoxide detection, smoke detection, and ensure protection of property and property owners.
  • Provide extensive list of affordable contractors and service personnel; serve as liaison and coordinate any an all required property needs.


Management Philosophy

Our management philosophy is guided by the principles of hard work, integrity, expertise, and sincere effort. Above all we strive to ensure client satisfaction with day to day accessibility and prompt attention to the maintenance and well being of each property. 
Our combined experience in residential/commercial sales and management is the foundation for our hands on managerial philosophy. Our knowledge and background allows us to handle property management clients with an approach that is innovative and exceptional. The success of those we serve is the foundation of our success. We truly appreciate your confidence in trusting your property management needs to us.